Agriculture vehicles automation gives a great possibility to increase productivity & reduce cost of operations. From seeding, through feeding & up to harvesting you can use the whole field giving exact care to every plant.

Automatic steering

There are many field covering styles at your service:

  • Parallel lines
  • Parallel curves
  • Headlines
  • Pivots
  • &  others
  • Accuracy level

    Choose your accuracy level from with different kind of positioning:

    From 30 cm Path to Path (WAAS/EGNOS/VBS)

    Up to 2 cm absolute repeatable (multiple-constellation RTK)

    & more available between (OmniSTAR HP/XP)

    We provide automation as for steer ready vehicle as for not ready.

    For steer ready vehicles – it is like plug & use.

    For not steer ready vehicles we adjust your tractor hydraulic system with electronic valves.

    Or what is more easy – install hi-precise electro motor just on the steering wheel.

    Implement control

    We can extend automation on implement steering & job control using:

  • Implement auto steering
  • Spaying section control
  • Boom leveling (altitude & inclination)
  • Green control
  • Weather conditions monitoring
  • & others