Machine Robotization & Engineering Consulting Company offers solutions for vehicles control automatization. Our experts will design a control system, will pick up and if necessary develop electronic hardware, software, will service and train staff.
We offer services to adapt new systems, as well as configure and upgrade existing customer’s systems from third-party. It is also possible to develop a new control system together with customer company as from the beginning as on the basis of ready-made solutions.
Qualified specialists of  Machine Robotization and Engineering Consulting have universal knowledge and experience in solving complex engineering problems in the the area of construction, agriculture & industrial automatization.
We use wide variety of sensors for machines automation to reach maximum performance in target price range,  including sensors by our own design:

- Multi system GPS/GLONASS receivers  with all possible corrections  (WAAS, EGNOS, OMNISTAR VBS/XP/HP, RTK)

- Inertial sensors (MEMS, FOG & etc), level sensors, magnetometers

- Distance sensors (ultrasound and laser), potentiometric sensors and encoders

- Scanners & detectors (laser & optic / 1D,2D,3D), video cameras

The result of the company in automated machine control systems and engineering consulting is increase the efficiency, accuracy and reducing financial costs by using high-precision sensors, saving materials in construction projects, fuel economy, reducing the requirements for the qualification of the human operator to reduce his fatigue, reducing the part of manual work, opportunities to work in conditions of bad weather and poor visibility.